Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have been seeing Dr. Vince for years. I so appreciate how he is able to actually get what needs to be adjusted without force. He has a finesse to his touch which allows for smooth adjustments. His experience and knowledge really show up in the care. My treatments are always something I look forward to, and I always leave feeling great."

- A.S.

"Been with Dr. Seiler for about 10 years, he treats me for migraines. I haven't had a migraine since and I would follow him anywhere."

- Cheryl

"My chiropractic care journey started with Mukwonago Family Chiropractic more than five years ago followed by a car accident injury. Currently, I schedule monthly routine maintenance sessions with Dr. Seiler - he's helped me manage my pain and stiffness tremendously. I always leave feeling exceptional. Highly recommend making yourself an appointment."

- Melyssa

"My family sees Dr. Seiler on a regular basis where I usually see him every several years when I have problems with my back or neck. He does a very thorough exam that is more in-depth than I have had with physicians. Not only do the adjustments, stretches, and muscle work relieve pain in the first visit, but he teaches exercises and therapies to complete at home that prevents other or future issues. The last time I saw him he suggested purchasing a lacrosse ball to work on tight muscles in my back and recommended using it any time I would feel a muscle or two tightening up. He really knows his kraft and is always super friendly and to deal with, I am always recommending him to others that complain of neck, back, and other problems."

- Don

"I have suffered from terrible headaches since a very young age, to the point where my pediatrician sent me for a head CT at the age of 6. Since beginning treatment in middle school with Dr. Seiler, my frequency of headaches has decreased significantly down to one or two a month. If I do have issues between visits, he always says to just call him and he gets me right in and takes care of it. I am now nearing the end of college and I am so thankful for his help and will continue to see him for my chiropractic needs."

- Sidney

"After seeing many area chiropractors and getting no relief or resolution to any of my issues and spending hundreds of dollars, even with 100% chiropractic coverage. I finally found the only chiropractor I will ever see. Dr. Seiler is by far the best and since beginning treatment with him I have also brought my family and referred him to many friends. This isn't assembly-line care where you are adjusted and sent on your way. His approach, each visit, is personal and focused on how you are feeling and moving that day. He is also a specialist in numerous areas that allows him to not only treat your symptoms but solve the problems that are causing the symptoms. I appreciate the way he teaches effective exercises and stretches so that I can continue to be better after and between visits. I also appreciate his honesty. If something is unable to be solved chiropractically, he doesn't hesitate to encourage treatment with the appropriate specialists, rather than continuing care that isn't helping. He has integrity that I have not found in any other chiropractor. My only regret is that I didn't go see him sooner."

- Kristen

"I've been seeing Dr. Seiler for 8 years and I recommend him to all my family and friends. As an active professional, my body takes a beating. I look forward to my appointments for instant relief and for the knowledge Dr. Seiler always shares with me. His approach is unique in the way that he helps you understand what's going on with the body. He explains and articulates different exercises to do at home to help relieve the pain. I'll be forever grateful for the lacrosse ball exercise and all the knowledge given to me."

- Steph C.

"We started seeing Dr. Vince for ear infections when my daughter was 2. We had been to multiple specialists at that point, her only option was another round of tubes and removal of her adenoids. A friend suggested a chiropractor, and we found Dr. Vince. He was very upfront and honest and made my very shy daughter feel safe and comfortable. After the first visit, there was a remarkable difference. We continued to see him for several years, and she had gotten to a point where she knew she needed the adjustment. He truly was a blessing for us."

- Trisha P.

"Moved back home after college and started a job in Mukwonago. I was looking for a chiropractor that wouldn't let my excuses slide and could adjust a patient that "isn't the easiest to adjust". It's a shame there aren't more like him. Not only does Dr. Vince tell it like it is, but he takes time to listen and get to know his patient's needs and wants. The ONLY reason I stopped going was I moved out of state for work. I still use the stretches and exercises he taught me. I wish I could find a chiropractor like him where I live!"

- David J.

"I have been seeing Dr. Vince for over 10 years now. When I first started seeing him I was having major lower back issues and was in a lot of pain. He walked me through getting better and taught me exercises that would help me so I would not end back in that situation again. I remember one time he got pretty frustrated with me because I was not diligent about doing my exercises and I actually broke down in tears. He said I wouldn't get better if I didn't do my exercises. Ten years later I know how to listen to my body and do my exercises when needed. Now I check-in for maintenance visits several times a year but for the most part, do not have any issues thanks to his support. I would highly recommend him. He is interested in your long-term health and doing what is best for the patient."

- Christine M.

“Dr. Seiler was able to put a stop to migraines I was have. Shelley is always cheerful and does a great job with reminder calls.”

- Chad P.

“Dr. Seiler and his staff are very welcoming and truly appreciate individual differences to develop a plan personalized for your needs.”

- Michelle M.


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